Extra extra!! Read all about it!! What the president of Biochem Nation really thinks of Biochemistry…

extra extra

Sooo…word around Biochem Nation is that I, your faithful leader, at one point HATED biochemistry!!!

I regret to inform you that these rumors are in fact true.*Gasp*

My first encounter with the subject began that faithful day in form 6, the chemical structure for glucose warped before my very eyes, since when did biology have so much chemistry in it?! I slid my way through CAPE and thought I was safe until the words “Biochemistry 1” jumped out of the Myelearning page, sparking a reaction in me quite similar to this….


However I am pleased to announce that the first few weeks of lectures thus far have put my mind at ease and Mr. Matthew is steadily changing my outlook on Biochemistry. It’s really not that bad! I expected the lecturer to be old, grim looking and to take the traditional route of merely reading the lecture slides to us (which to the student comes across as the perfect lullaby to put us to sleep). I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Matthew’s refreshing attitude. His lectures are interactive, interesting and engaging; he can say words like Endoplasmic reticulum, Prokaryotes and Golgi apparatus without me even yawning! I am actually a fan of how he calls out students who are talking during class, because it forces us to be attentive lol.I bow to you Hokage, your lectures are the cure to my “selective ADD” as I call it 😛 .


By tjchadee

Welcome to Biochem Nation!

you like me


YAY!!! You like me, you really like me :’) Thanks for visiting my blog! Make yourself comfortable.STAY.Don’t leave.Ever. *insert creepy smile*



Oh, how rude of me, allow me to officially introduce myself…

Greetings to all citizens of Biochem Nation, the home away from home for all Biochemistry enthusiasts 🙂 My Name is Tamara Chadee and I am a first year student pursuing a BSc in Biology and Chemistry. My dream is to become a successful cosmetic chemist since I’m passionate about everything in the realm of makeup and beauty and strongly believe that if you love what you do you’ll never have to work a day in your life 🙂

Ever wonder what the President of Biochem Nation does for fun? Well my hobbies include judo and mixed martial arts, swimming, shopping and eating lol. I love travelling as well as outdoors activities and hope to one day go cliff diving as well as skydiving in Dubai 😀 I have an unhealthy obsession with YouTube and I’m also hugely fascinated with space and the universe and enjoy documentaries and books by Stephen Hawking.

Biochem Nation is a blog created by yours truly that attempts to educate the masses about everything  concerning Biochemistry in a way that is inviting , fun and engaging since traditional teaching methods can have us all from time to time feeling like…



yeah….. But biochemistry can be fun, all text books aside it really is an interesting field of study and I hope that my blog can prove that to you 🙂

By tjchadee