Prokaryotic cells vs Eukaryotic Cells

So dear citizens of Biochem nation, if you read my tutorial tell all you would know that I crashed and burned when it came to my turn to give a difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells that hadn’t already been mentioned. Naturally, being the fearless awesome leader of Biochem nation that I am, I wasn’t about to accept defeat just yet. So I decided to do my research. Rather than present my findings in the traditional cut and paste to a word document (YAWNNN boringgg lol) I decided to present the differences and similarities in a venn diagram that I made using excel. I enjoyed this activity because before this I didn’t even know how to make a venn diagram or really use excel for that matter (sad I know :P).  I also enjoyed this activity thoroughly because it was a much more  fun way of learning this material and it is easier for me to remember because my brain now has mental image of the venn diagram stored for days when I will most need it J So I think this will be a great way  for those of you out there with “photographic memory” to remember the differences and similarities of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells . Hence , I decided to share it with you all, because sharing is caring  yayyyyyy *insert sprinkles and rainbows here* LOL


so click on it to enlarge and happy learning my biochemians, hope this proves to be useful to someone out there 🙂


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