Tales from the Front line…. I mean tutorials :P

front line

At times BIOL 1362 tutorial sessions can feel like a war zone. Bullets… I mean questions, flying everywhere!  Little did I know that today one of my good friends Kashiff would be a casualty in this biochem battle. So if you remembered at the end of the last session Mr. Matthew taught us the titration of glutamate. We were given a sample question to attempt at home and would be discussing it in today’s class. If you recall I was thrilled at how I grasped the concept all due to Mr. Matthew’s wonderful teaching style but being the forgetful soul I am after one week had passed I totally forget what to do :/

But have no fear BiochemJM is here!!! This blog post and video save my life 😀


What I LOVE about Matthew as a lecturer is that the man is so dedicated to helping us learn. Other lecturers settle at presenting an hour long slide show to us in class and move on with their life. But then there are true educators like this great man who go above and beyond for his students and provide so much additional reference material for us. As a student I feel obligated to get an amazing grade in this course because he has provided us with all the tools necessary and I would feel like all his hard work has gone to waste if I don’t try my very best. To sum it up I actually care about biochemistry (a subject that I previously despised) and all because of the efforts of Mr. Matthew. I honestly cannot say the same for any of my other courses.

Anyways sorry about going off on a tangent there, where were we? Ah yes the tutorial. So throughout the tutorial me and my friend Kashiff can’t help but feel like Mr. Matthews line of vision leads directly to us. I start to feel like an idiot for wearing my zebra print jacket to class because nothing makes you stand out like a zebra print jacket. Anyways when the time comes for Mr. Matthew to choose someone to put answer on the board he chooses Kashiff. Rather than feel relieved I start feeling nervous and sick to my stomach because I know that Kashiff has no clue what’s going on. So he gets up and stares blankly at the board. Seeing that he is struggling Mr. Matthew allows someone to give him the the equation for calculating the Isoelectric Point. Kashiff writes the word pH wrong and Mr. Matthew is stunned, I sink in my seat. Sensing that Kashiff needs help Mr. Matthew tells him to pick any one of his friends to give him assistance. Time freezes kashiff looks at me and I telepathically tell him “Do NOT choose me.” But Kashiff is not a telepath and so he calls my name. I don’t know why I was so hesitant before because I knew the answer and Mr. Matthew was pretty cool about it.

However I did make a mistake in the working in my assignment, I didn’t put the protonated form. So at the end of the class I did something unexpected and approached Mr. Matthew and asked him to explain it to me and he was so cool about it! I walk out of class feeling totally confident and it feels pretty great! 😀

By tjchadee

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