The wonderful world of word searches!

So for those of you who were brave enough to attempt my wordsearch, hats off to you!

If you managed to find all the words I must admit I am impressed, and so are Barack and Michelle 😛


But word searches can be tricky so if anyone out there didn’t find all the words here’s the solution:


So for those of you who had fun doing this word search,how about you take a try with my Enzyme word search….


Good luck biochemians! Look out for the solution in future post 🙂

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Tutorial tell all: Amino acids and Protein edition!


^^^ This picture sums up the feeling of only every person in my tutorial class. LOL

So my friends and I reluctantly shuffle our way to LS3 trying to recall every bit of information we’ve crammed into our heads mere minutes before class. In the back of our minds everyone has the same fear…”What if he picks me today?!” The clock on the wall reads ten minutes past five, no sign of the Hokage. I loosen up and a sheepish grin crawls across my face because I’m thinking that Mr. Matthew decided to skip class which roughly translates to—–>we all get to live to see another day (in scared student language) 😛 Anyways at 5:15 the man himself strolls in and immediately everyone starts positioning themselves behind whoever is in front of them in a futile attempt to not be in the Hokage’s line of vision. But who were we kidding? We are mere genin, the Hokage has years of wisdom and is well aware of our tricks and tactics. As such he decides that this session he will call us out by names from the attendance sheet :/ I spend every minute in fear waiting to take my bullet but surprisingly he doesn’t call my name this session. Questions this session revolved around the type of bond involved in alpha helix secondary structure of proteins, a topic I am well prepare for, so naturally I don’t get picked, save that for days when I don’t know the answer right Mr. Matthew?  -_-

For the remainder of the session Mr. Matthew teaches us the titration of glutamate. By now everyone is relaxed and at ease knowing that they won’t have to answer any more questions. I was really impressed with the way in which Mr. Matthew taught us. His step by step break down of the calculation was so easy to follow. At the end of the session I feel confident that I can do the calculation on my own. Mr. Matthew drops a hint that titration calculations will be included in exams and I’m happy because with his clear explanations I’m sure that I’ll get through it with ease 🙂

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Amino Acids and Proteins Word search :)

Hey there! If you’re new around here, welcome to BiochemNation, make yourself comfortable 🙂 So today I thought it would be fun to share with you all this proteins and amino aicds word search. I don’t know about you guys but I for one love doing word searches to relax because I have a brain that is on overdrive all the time and my idea of relaxation still involves my brain being stimulated in some way or the other. So put on your thinking cap and take a crack at it.



Hope you all have fun with this, I’ll be featuring the solution in another blog post so look out for that,until then,Blog ya later!

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My very own Jet punk quiz! The cell edition :D

Hello and good morning to all the citizens of BiochemNation! So JetPunk is a pretty cool site that features a bunch of different quizzes for you to attempt. Ever since my little sister discovered it, it’s become one of our obsessions. We love competing against each other to see who gets the most answers 🙂 The quizzes cover just about any topic really, whether it be about food, music, tv shows and even educational quizzes dealing with geography and general knowledge to name a few. My blog is always at the back of my mind no matter what I’m doing so one day I had the brilliant idea of creating my very own Jetpunk quiz. I decide to go with the topic of cells. I hope you all attempt it, it’s pretty easy and all the instructions concerning time limit and what not are listed above the quiz itself.  Just click on the link below and you will be directed to the quiz on the JetPunk website or you can even access it by going to the JetPunk website and typing in “the cell quiz” in the search bar. Enjoy! 😀

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The whimsical World of Wordle!

Greetings Biochemians 😀  check out my Enzyme inspired wordle! So I decided to make this word cloud in the shape of a key because of the association of the Lock and key theory with enzymes. This took me forever to create but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 🙂


Hope you liked my Enzyme wordle  and thanks for visiting BiochemNation!

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Amino Acids and Proteins Cryptogram solution and Bonus Amino Acid question….

So For those of you who attempted my amino acids and proteins crytogram here is the message that you were supposed to decipher:


Yup taken straight from BiochemJM’s awesome youtube amino acids and protein series of videos. Congratulations if you figured it out. Your prize is another challenge….

Challenge accepted you say? I’d think twice about that….

My Bonus Amino Acid question for you is…..

What is Sheldon Cooper’s favorite amino acid? *muhahahaha evil laugh* bet you weren’t expecting that 😛 take a look at this clip to find out

DUHHH it’s lysine!!  Isn’t lysine is everybody’s favorite amino acid?? 😛 haha . Wondering why Sheldon’s favorite amino acid is Lysine? Maybe the following facts will help us to understand his choice…

Lysine is an essential amino acid that can be found in animal protein. This means that the human body cannot synthesize lysine on its own but since it is necessary for various functions it must be obtained through our diets. Lysine is integral for producing antibodies, enzymes and hormones and is essential for growth and repair of tissues. L-lysine aids in the body’s absorption and retention of calcium as well as enhances the immune system. Sources of lysine include chicken,turkey, pork, eggs and fish to name a few. For our vegetarian friends, legumes and soy products are a good source of L-lysine.

Deficiency of lysine is rare but the symptoms will include enzyme disorders, lack of energy, hair loss, weight loss and retarded growth and anemia to name a few.

L-lysine is used as a supplement to treat the herpes simplex virus as well as prevent osteoporosis and cataracts. L-lysine also helps manufacture carnitine which is a nutrient that helps to lower cholesterol levels and converts fatty acids into energy. L-lysine also enhances the production of collagen in conjunction with Vitamin C. This is why L-lysine  has shown to be effective in the treatment of skin lesions associated with herpes as well as shingles.

Although the list of benefits of Lysine go on and on it must be noted that excessive build up of protein in the body can lead to liver and kidney problems.


Taking a passion for Biochemistry to another level!

Nerdy Nails!

So I just stumbled across this picture on one of my favorite facebook pages, I’ll be sure to link it down below. The picture was uploaded with the caption “If you’re going to be a dirty cheater, at least you’ll look good doing it!” LOL who would of thought nail art could be used to “assist” us in exams 😛


Biochemistry is a piece of Cake! Literally 😛

Check out this cool video showing you how to make your very own Plant cell cake. How creative! I’m pretty sure I would remember all the organelles of the plant cell by associating them with candy, who wouldn’t?! They say the best way to a biochemistry student’s brain is through their stomach…or at least that’s what I say .*hint hint Mr.Matthew make us a cell cake for being such awesome students :p *. Ah yes,  cells never looked better, If any citizen of biochem nation feels inspired to recreate their very own cell cake be sure to send it to me to uh… make sure the organelles are accurate and what not 😛

Once again thank you for visiting biochem nation, hope to see u in the next post! 😀



Amino Acids and Proteins cryptogram!

Hola ,bonjour ,Hellooooo to all loyal citizens of Biochem nation! 😀

So something worth knowing about my learning style is that I like to make learning fun! I am the kind of person who literally opens a text book to read and falls asleep…sad to say I’m not exaggerating, not even a bit :/ This doesn’t mean I don’t like to be challenged though, as such I’m always on the look out for new and exciting but equally challenging ways of learning Biochemistry. I really think that cryptograms meet that criteria and as such I have created my very own Amino Acids and Proteins cryptogram 🙂 so take a crack at it! I’m pretty confident that anyone who has watched BiochemJM’s amino acids and proteins youtube videos *hint hint* will be sure to solve this cryptogram with ease. So just click to enlarge, I will be revealing the solution to this cryptogram in a subsequent post so look out for that and in the mean time be sure to leave a reply if you think you’ve figured it out.good luck! 😀

Amino acids and Proteins Cryptogram

Prokaryotic cells vs Eukaryotic Cells

So dear citizens of Biochem nation, if you read my tutorial tell all you would know that I crashed and burned when it came to my turn to give a difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells that hadn’t already been mentioned. Naturally, being the fearless awesome leader of Biochem nation that I am, I wasn’t about to accept defeat just yet. So I decided to do my research. Rather than present my findings in the traditional cut and paste to a word document (YAWNNN boringgg lol) I decided to present the differences and similarities in a venn diagram that I made using excel. I enjoyed this activity because before this I didn’t even know how to make a venn diagram or really use excel for that matter (sad I know :P).  I also enjoyed this activity thoroughly because it was a much more  fun way of learning this material and it is easier for me to remember because my brain now has mental image of the venn diagram stored for days when I will most need it J So I think this will be a great way  for those of you out there with “photographic memory” to remember the differences and similarities of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells . Hence , I decided to share it with you all, because sharing is caring  yayyyyyy *insert sprinkles and rainbows here* LOL


so click on it to enlarge and happy learning my biochemians, hope this proves to be useful to someone out there 🙂

Tutorial Tell All: what went down in my first BIOL 1362 tutorial…

Well…. I’m still alive to tell the tale, so that’s good news right? It really wasn’t that bad! It went a little something like this… So I entered a familiar Nat sci classroom where I previously had BIOL 1263 tutorials in semester one. That was comforting, I had really enjoyable tutorial sessions there…but tell that to my pounding heart! We were informed that these biochemistry tutorials were deviating from the norm and we would instead be tested on relevant topics but in a game type of style. The class was divided into two teams and students would be called at random to answer and a right answer would ensure a bonus 2 marks be added to the entire teams final grade and a wrong answer would result in deduction of that mark. No pressure right? So basically I set myself up for the hunger games Jason Matthew style and naturally was scared to death! It’s bad enough to be embarrassed if you got the wrong answer but having to deal with the angry mob hungry for their bonus two marks multiplied the horror times infinity. My friend and I came up with the brilliant idea of wearing the exact same teal aeropostale t-shirt in hopes that it would A. confuse Mr.matthew (but he is the Hokage who were we kidding) or B. He would call us out by clothing color and we could easily pass on the question to one another. Now I’m the type of person to always get called out when I really don’t want to and never get called out when I would love to be.-_- So it was all just a matter of time before he would call me out… “You in the green shirt!” he said. The man is a wizard at Biochemistry but differentiating green from teal was a bit much to ask I guess :/ I dare not correct him and tell him it’s teal, I needed to get on his good side. I respond with a sheepish “me?” knowing very well who he was talking to. The question at hand was stating the differences between Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells. Being the unlucky soul that I am, by the time he decided to call me out all the obvious answers had been said already. No. being the unlucky soul that I am I give him a perfectly correct answer which he accepts before asking for ANOTHER. Kill me now! My team members are tense and depending on me, I can feel it…but all the answers we know are gone with the wind, I have no choice but to resort to what I call the “cute and confused face.” Hokage accepts the cute and confused face and moves on but inside I feel like:



So Mr. Matthew manages to stretch this same question over almost the entire session before he asks us as teams to figure out the difference between cytosol and cytoplasm. Well none of the teams managed to do so and Mr. Matthew had to explain it to us. He concluded that of all the tutorial sessions, ours had the worst results, we managed to be down to negative marks :/ But despite the minor blow to our self esteem, I actually found the session to be quite helpful, I really learnt a lot and Mr. Matthew is a pretty cool dude I don’t know why I was so scared to begin with. What I gather is that all Mr. Matthew expects of us is our undivided attention and a genuine effort and that seems fair to me.