Amino Acids and Proteins Cryptogram solution and Bonus Amino Acid question….

So For those of you who attempted my amino acids and proteins crytogram here is the message that you were supposed to decipher:


Yup taken straight from BiochemJM’s awesome youtube amino acids and protein series of videos. Congratulations if you figured it out. Your prize is another challenge….

Challenge accepted you say? I’d think twice about that….

My Bonus Amino Acid question for you is…..

What is Sheldon Cooper’s favorite amino acid? *muhahahaha evil laugh* bet you weren’t expecting that 😛 take a look at this clip to find out

DUHHH it’s lysine!!  Isn’t lysine is everybody’s favorite amino acid?? 😛 haha . Wondering why Sheldon’s favorite amino acid is Lysine? Maybe the following facts will help us to understand his choice…

Lysine is an essential amino acid that can be found in animal protein. This means that the human body cannot synthesize lysine on its own but since it is necessary for various functions it must be obtained through our diets. Lysine is integral for producing antibodies, enzymes and hormones and is essential for growth and repair of tissues. L-lysine aids in the body’s absorption and retention of calcium as well as enhances the immune system. Sources of lysine include chicken,turkey, pork, eggs and fish to name a few. For our vegetarian friends, legumes and soy products are a good source of L-lysine.

Deficiency of lysine is rare but the symptoms will include enzyme disorders, lack of energy, hair loss, weight loss and retarded growth and anemia to name a few.

L-lysine is used as a supplement to treat the herpes simplex virus as well as prevent osteoporosis and cataracts. L-lysine also helps manufacture carnitine which is a nutrient that helps to lower cholesterol levels and converts fatty acids into energy. L-lysine also enhances the production of collagen in conjunction with Vitamin C. This is why L-lysine  has shown to be effective in the treatment of skin lesions associated with herpes as well as shingles.

Although the list of benefits of Lysine go on and on it must be noted that excessive build up of protein in the body can lead to liver and kidney problems.



Taking a passion for Biochemistry to another level!

Nerdy Nails!

So I just stumbled across this picture on one of my favorite facebook pages, I’ll be sure to link it down below. The picture was uploaded with the caption “If you’re going to be a dirty cheater, at least you’ll look good doing it!” LOL who would of thought nail art could be used to “assist” us in exams 😛


Biochemistry is a piece of Cake! Literally 😛

Check out this cool video showing you how to make your very own Plant cell cake. How creative! I’m pretty sure I would remember all the organelles of the plant cell by associating them with candy, who wouldn’t?! They say the best way to a biochemistry student’s brain is through their stomach…or at least that’s what I say .*hint hint Mr.Matthew make us a cell cake for being such awesome students :p *. Ah yes,  cells never looked better, If any citizen of biochem nation feels inspired to recreate their very own cell cake be sure to send it to me to uh… make sure the organelles are accurate and what not 😛

Once again thank you for visiting biochem nation, hope to see u in the next post! 😀



Amino Acids and Proteins cryptogram!

Hola ,bonjour ,Hellooooo to all loyal citizens of Biochem nation! 😀

So something worth knowing about my learning style is that I like to make learning fun! I am the kind of person who literally opens a text book to read and falls asleep…sad to say I’m not exaggerating, not even a bit :/ This doesn’t mean I don’t like to be challenged though, as such I’m always on the look out for new and exciting but equally challenging ways of learning Biochemistry. I really think that cryptograms meet that criteria and as such I have created my very own Amino Acids and Proteins cryptogram 🙂 so take a crack at it! I’m pretty confident that anyone who has watched BiochemJM’s amino acids and proteins youtube videos *hint hint* will be sure to solve this cryptogram with ease. So just click to enlarge, I will be revealing the solution to this cryptogram in a subsequent post so look out for that and in the mean time be sure to leave a reply if you think you’ve figured it out.good luck! 😀

Amino acids and Proteins Cryptogram